Nepal, a landlocked country in South Asia is one of those places where a photography tour can be enjoyed

Nepal, a landlocked country in South Asia is one of those places where a photography tour can be enjoyed to the fullest. A holiday company will usually offer a few tour dates to the country but the Nepal photography tour is done just 2 times a year. This is not just for the availability of a photography tour guide but also to coincide with 2 of the country’s largest festivals. In March there is the celebration of Holi and in October/November there is the celebration of Diwali. Called the festivals of colour and lights respectively, it is not hard to imagine why these 2 times would fit perfectly for a photography tour.

All equipment is provided for on the Nepal photography tour allowing for expensive personal cameras to be left at home and not risk having them damaged during the international holiday. Nepal photography tour guests need only bring personal items such as clothing and medications for the trip. It is wise to keep luggage as light as you can as you would be travelling with it. Before any sort of preparation can be done for the trip to Nepal, one needs to book into the tour. With the Nepal photography tour in particular, there is a mad rush for space. The country is a prominent lure to travellers so spaces sell out really fast when it comes to tours.


Prospective tour guests need to keep on the radar of tour companies. Usually the Nepal photography tour dates are put out at the beginning of the calendar year. This is when you would act fast and confirm your spot. A spot would be confirmed when the payment has been finalized, so have this ready to go. It really isn’t an expensive venture to tackle the Nepal photography tour. Like most tour packages, they are crafted to be affordable. This is because all of the different logistical details have been purchased by the travel company in large amounts and in doing so earned themselves a nice discount. Their Nepal photography tour guests now get to enjoy the benefits of a budget holiday at a fraction of the price.

It may be a budget based holiday, but make no mistake, the Nepal photography tour is a chance to get up close with some of the world’s foremost photographers. This rare opportunity presents everyday people with a passion for photography to be schooled by some of the most learned professionals in the industry. During their time in Nepal, tour guests will be privy to learning both sides of the camera. Behind the camera is where guests learn the intricacies that goes into using the device to capture a moment. This is how to best use the different lenses to get a specific focus for example. On the other side of the camera is to actually get the chance to explore the different images in detail. This could be interacting with the yogi of spiritual tribal village or actually getting to climb a bit of the mountains, instead of only looking and capturing them. During festival days, while a fair amount of time will be spent photographing guests will also get to enjoy the festivities in a truly once in a lifetime holiday moment.