Guests of Botswana wildlife tours will start the tour in Gaborone

Have you always fancied a wildlife vacation, but always put it off due to believing that you would have to slum it in tents in the jungles. Botswana wildlife tours are definitely not organized on this level. The sheer level of luxuries provided to tour guests allows for the blending of nature and modern necessities. Get to enjoy the Okavango Delta on a houseboat or lavish lodges of the many Game Reserves.

Guests of Botswana wildlife tours will start the tour in Gaborone. The 3 major regions visited on this tour are the Linyanti woodlands, the Okavango Delta and Central Kalahari.

The Kalahari Desert makes up the majority of Botswana. One might wonder how a barren desert land made up the schedule for a wildlife tour. Upon closer look, it is discovered why. The desert is laden with many wild and dangerous animals who thrive in this sort of sandbox environment such as reptiles. It is one of the most protected pieces of land in the country and not just for the animals but the bush tribes of the land, the San and Bushman. On Botswana wildlife tours, guests get to enjoy one on one time with members of these tribes and through interpretation of the tour guides, learn the history of the land from natives.


Linyanti is famed for its many Game Reserves. Big game animals are in abundance here, year round which is why Botswana wildlife tours can also be done at any time. Here, guests would go on a safari to see animals. On Botswana wildlife tours, a tour guide is standard, so there is no need to have to go out and find your own to take you out into the wild. Vehicles are also arranged. Guests would simply wake up, freshen up, have breakfast and meet up to get going for the day’s adventure. Each and every day on Botswana wildlife tours is different. The tour is designed as such. With over 800 species of bird life and dozens of mammals, there is much to see.

The Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland water source and a magnet to wildlife of the area. In addition, the delta is home to unique flora and marine animals. All 3 aspects will be explored during Botswana wildlife tours, through a boat. The delta is gorgeous and waking up on a floating boat with the dawn on the horizon is just a magical encounter, which is why Botswana wildlife tours is becoming a top choice for couples going on honeymoon.

Once guests are in each of the 3 areas, the vehicle mode would be jeeps. Getting to the 3 major areas requires air transport with charter planes. This is surprisingly affordable when booked through a holiday package. It would take several days to get through the woodlands and going around the delta to reach the Kalahari and with a plane, this can be done in a couple of hours. This then means more time is available to dedicate towards wildlife touring which is the goal of the holiday.