Igoterra, the collection based app, is currently sweeping the animal world by storm

Igoterra, the collection based app, is currently sweeping the animal world by storm. It was just an app to record and manage your animal sighting lists in just one place?Now the site is abuzz with birders and pet owners among others who are taking advantage of the massive database combined with user based uploads.


Let’s start off with the premise of the app. Igoterra is to be used by people who have more than an interest in sighting animals or plant species. Eachperson’s account allows for lists to be made up. This could be a list of bird species that you have and will see in your lifetime to pets you may have owned or have an interest in owning in the future. You would make up a list, birding for example and then begin to add all of the species you spot during your bid watching activities. This list can be managed directly by you and amended if need be. Each entry will contain the species of the bird along with a photo. Comments can also be added. Having the Igoterra app on hand during bird watching allows for fellow members of the site to give immediate help to identify any species that you are unfamiliar with. Igoterra allows you to connect with people who share similar animal passions to you. Birders for example, will have their own community with various sub sectors dedicated to different species. Igoterra also guides their users based on the information collected. The app is particularly useful when planning a trip to foreign lands. Users would consult with the database of all bird species and plan out their trip with a lot more vital background knowledge. This could be something as simple as searching up endemic species and where exactly they can be found. With the app, this is a realistic possibility even with the unpredictability of the wild with the use of the sites built in navigation service.

Back home, Igoterra can be used for your pets. If you do not have a pet then search up the database for pet breeds that you intend on getting. Within each breed, the community of members with an affinity towards these breeds can be called on to give real advice concerning whether or not it would be a good fit for the family. Next up would be using Igoterra to find breeders. The site only lists legit breeders, so there is no worry of dealing with illegal breeders. Once you have your new pet at home with you, advice is just an ask away with the Igoterra app from the best vet to see to your pets breed to nearby dog training classes for example. The basic premise of Igoterra can be used with regard to your pet as well. Your account can have multiple lists so there is no need to forego your birding and wildlife lists for your pet. Just add another list in the name of your pet. Here, you would keep track of their development and achievements and have a lifelong keepsake of them on a single Igoterra account.