Brazil, the land of untamed wildness, holds a treasure cove of pristine habitats and animal species

Brazil, the land of untamed wildness, holds a treasure cove of pristine habitats and animal species. Exploring it is sure to unearth some amazing finds. The country is famed for a great many things but birders will find that they will get the most out of a trip to the country. This is due to the 200 species of bird life that call Brazil home. A dozen or so of these are even considered endemic which means that they can never be found anywhere else. A sense of adventure is needed to embark on a Brazil birding tour. The dense, isolated areas visited can be pretty intimidating to those who are new here, but when done through a travel package deal, a tour guide will be included.


The guide will be responsible for herding the group around as well as finding the species most requested by the group. Participants on the Brazil birding tour group will have a good load of their nominations included in this list, as the group size is kept small. Birding requires a fair deal of quietness, whether you are doing it at home or abroad. A smaller group will be quieter which does not disturb the birds. The fear is also that they would fly away. Once you have spotted the South American Cotinga or the Azure Jay you do not want to scare them off. Participants will also have to be fairly healthy. Trekking is required because the vehicles cannot be used to approach the site due to the noise factor. Once birding species are found on the Brazil birding tour, the group will get around 10 minutes to spend photographing and admiring them. The time is short due to the ever moving nature of the tour to keep up with the planned itinerary.

Flights to Brazil do not come as part of the Brazil birding tour package. This is due to the various locations on the planets that guests will be flying in from. Apart from this, all else is covered. Travel during the trip is done in off road terrain vehicles which also double as camping vehicles. Walking will be required for short amounts of time. Boats are used to get between the islands in the Pantanal region of the Amazon. Accommodation on the Brazil birding tour is mostly done in the vehicle. These are much modernized and offer all of the basic home comforts, which is a welcome relief out in the jungle. This form of transport is required due to the remoteness of the areas visited and because there are no lodges around. Local tribes are visited for an overnight visit but for the most part the Brazil birding tour operates away from them and more towards the wildlife sections. A bit of Brazilian culture is enjoyed upon arrival in the country for the Brazil birding tour. Cities such as Rio de Janeiro are quite metropolitan and offer an abundance in terms of culture and entertainment. Time is set aside for birders to relax and enjoy this side of Brazil before venturing out into the wilderness.