If Ethiopia seems hot at first sight then the Danakali is on a whole other level

For something totally different from all of the run of the mill holidays out there, there is the Danakil Depression tour. This will not be an ordinary holiday experience. In fact, if you are looking for something relaxing, then this is not for you. If you are however, looking for an adventure that very few people ever have the chance of bragging about then the Danakil Depression tour is for you. This tour is done with a maximum of 6 people due to provisions also having to be taken along. Booking yourself a spot on the Danakil Depression tour will see none of this being your bother. It will be handled entirely by the travel agency planning the tour. The tour begins in Ethiopia’s main city of Addis Ababa. Since the Danakil Depression tour consists on only 5 days, travel begins immediately to Hamed Ela which is the city that houses the Danakil Depression.


If Ethiopia seems hot at first sight then the Danakali is on a whole other level. It lies over a 100 metres below sea level and being this much closer to the core of the earth, it is extremely hot. Guests on the Danakil Depression tour will be prepared on what to bring along for the trip to make it more bearable and the tour company also goes above and beyond in providing resources to cool down. The Depression area itself is very remote and you will rely only on yourself which is why it is so essential to go with people who know it well. The area itself will be a sight for sore eyes from the volcanoes to the sulphur mines. There really isn’t much in the form of activities to participate in at the Danakil Depression. It is for the most part a sightseeing adventure. Much of the adventure lies in the journey to the sites. Photography is an element added to most Danakil Depression tour packages to bring more substance in. There is the advantage for tour goers to learn this trade in a seemingly strange place.

So what exactly does one get to see and photograph at the Danakil Depression which makes it a place many a people still want to visit even knowing all of the hardship surrounding the journey?The place is a geographical wonder of natural formations which have taken place over millennia. Not only are the volcanoes still active, but their numerous eruptions have formed their own lava sculptures of sorts. The colouring of the salt mines change throughout the day making photography even more exciting. Since no travel is required once the tour group reaches the Danakil Depression, there is a lot more time for just sitting back and appreciating its spectacular nature instead of heading to another town or back to a hotel. A fair amount of time during the Danakil Depression tour is done at night. It is enjoyed just as much due to the light source provided by the luminescent lava of the volcanoes.