Put Your Best Foot Forward when Traveling

When you’re traveling away from home one of the best parts is visiting local attractions in your host city. Whether it’s a guided tour of historical ruins, climbing a famous peak, or browsing a world renowned museum, one thing is common among most vacations: you’re going to put a lot of miles on your feet before the trip is over. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than blisters that make you virtually immobile, so here are some tips to keep you hiking without worrying about foot injury or pain:

Think ahead. If you’re planning a trip don’t buy new shoes and immediately pack them in your suitcase. While sparkling white sneakers may look awesome on your venture, the novelty will wear off in a hurry if they don’t fit properly. Buy in advance, and wear the shoes for a few days or weeks before depending on them in a strange city.

Have a backup plan. No matter how comfortable your shoes are, make sure you have a second pair that fits just as well. That way if your shoes get wet or damaged you won’t be stuck looking for replacements.


Plan for injuries. While nobody expects to get a blister or sprain it does happen to the most seasoned travelers, so plan a head. Pack first aid cream, bandages, and an ace bandage so you can keep on walking if you turn an ankle or get a blister or cut.

Keep it clean. Keep in mind that hotels don’t clean their carpets after each guest, and you have no idea who’s walked on the floors you’re using. Make sure you wear socks or slippers when you’re in the room so you don’t pick up some strange germs.

Give them a break. No matter how many miles you’re used to walking, you may be on a different terrain or pavement than your feet are used to. If they hurt at the end of the day give them a bit of pampering: a foot soak or massage will rejuvenate your feet, and you’ll be amazed at how great they feel at the start of the next day!